Winston Nzinga

Winston Nzinga is an African-Caribbean percussionist, storyteller, singer and teacher. As a skilled performing artist and freelance percussionist he has performed throughout Britain, Africa and the Caribbean initially touring with Ekome and Dagarti Arts. Winston has also worked with the Arts Council of Great Britain.


Winston started telling stories as a result of reading Chinua Achebe's ‘The Drum’ and decided he loved the stories about the Tortoise and realised that they could work well as a theme for his work. Winston Nzinga’s work combines storytelling and music for performances such as ‘Stories from the Shell’. He says “The performances work well as they are not too wordy and include both music and songs”. Winston is dedicated to enabling children to engage with complex issues through story and music. 


Winston started off drumming when he joined the 24th boys brigade in Bristol and within two years of playing the side drum, he was promoted to lead drummer. He then joined Ekome Dance Company at the age of 15; and here is where he developed his love for African percussive music. After performing with Ekome for two years, he joined Dagarti Arts where he served as an apprentice to Mario Diekkuroh for eight years where he learned the ins and outs of African drumming which he uses in his performances today.


Winston Nzinga has been a member of the Society for Storytelling and Fact and Fiction for many years and has found their publications helpful in supporting his role as a storyteller.

For further information on Society for Storytelling and Fact and Fiction:

http://www.sfs.org.uk/ (Society for Storytelling)

http://www.petecastle.co.uk/fandf/ (Fact and fiction) 


“To open the imagination, to entertain and to allow my audience to engage in things that they wouldn't generally have the opportunity to do."

-Winston Nzinga 


Contact information: winston@spudandyam.co.uk

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