Spud and Yam are on the RIF list of highly recommended Artists in Schools. They are frequently invited to take part in special events such as Book Weeks, International Weeks etc. when they can deliver up to 3 high energy one hour performances per day. Shows on offer include:


Foundation and Infant KS1 classes

  • On our way – a eventful , musical journey through the park leads to a memorable birthday party
  • Tortoise and friends – sensible tortoise has some silly friends. Share some of their adventures


Junior KS2 classes

  • Hairy Tales – human behaviour as observed through humorous animal characters
  • Telling Stones – thought provoking stories of origin and mythology
  • Getting On – problem solving through dilemma tales, riddles, music making and song

All performances are age appropriate and very interactive, calling on full audience participation. The shows are designed to stimulate cross curricular follow up in creative writing, art and music.


Secondary KS3 classes

  • No Where No Better – show to question identity and direction through story and music.


Older pupils are told longer more intricate stories exploring the themes of origin and life journeys. They are invited to listen intently and question the motivation of characters and development of plot in the stories. They may be taught a sequence of dance moves in choreographed stories and/or set more advanced 4 part rhythms to play in music. They could be asked to finish a dilemma tale and act out their ending. Via combined arts presentation the sessions are designed to inspire pupils to extend their capabilities in creative writing, drama and performance.

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