Early Years Training

Spud and Yam provide practical and inspiring training in their workshops and professional development days. Their resources not only cover the main areas of learning recommended by OFTED but also support the aims and objectives of ECAT (Every Child a Talker). By nurturing a child’s enjoyment of rhythm and rhyme they can acquire an awareness and love of language. This builds on their confidence to develop good listening, speaking and communication skills. Enjoyment of music is one of the first vital steps towards decoding language. Music helps the brain to recognise pattern and the ear to recognise sound. It is essential that adults who work with young children allow them to access music and singing as an integral part of their day. Singing is not only good for the voice and language development, it is beneficial for body and soul. It releases endorphins that make us happy and children learn more when they are happy.

Workshops delivered for ECAT conferences offer encouragement and opportunity to practitioners to rediscover the childhood delights of singing out loud, imaginative play through word games, visual art and creative storytelling.


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